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How we bring AI to your enterprise

Are you tasked with standing up an AI practice? Or are you considering AI and wondering how it can add value?

We started Prolego for people like you. Our only mission is helping you overcome the challenges of deploying AI in your enterprise.

We are 100% product and technology neutral. We will help you identify the best AI opportunities for your business and take advantage of them with minimal risk.

Our engagements follow a 3-step process:

  1. 1. Create your AI strategy.
  2. 2. Build and test your AI models.
  3. 3. Deploy your AI solutions.

Contact us and we can talk through AI opportunities in your enterprise.

Russ Rands & Kevin Dewalt

October, 2017

Identify AI Opportunities

We help you discover AI use-cases based on your enterprise data and your business model.

Results? You have everything you need to execute on your AI strategy.

Develop AI Prototypes

We dive into your data and build AI models which achieve your business goals.

Results? Early success for your business partners to justify further investment.

Build AI Practices

We help you stand up systems, team, and processes - everything you need to operate your own AI practice.

Results? AI creates ongoing value for decades.

Why us?

We're AI specialists We only work on AI projects with technologies like deep learning and data science. You never have to worry about our expertise - we live AI.

We're nimble Next year? Nope. Let's see what we can do by Monday. We work like a startup in your enterprise.

We're practical We're AI practicioners - not AI researchers. We love research but we deliver practical solutions using off-the-shelf, proven AI algorithms.

We know enterprise You're not Google. We understand your challenges like budgets, data policies, and internal politics because we've been in your position.

The first practical AI guide for business leaders

How to Stand Up an AI Practice

How to Stand Up an AI Practice
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Our guidebook for CEOs, product people and Designed for the busy business leader who needs to begin introducing AI to the enterprise.

"Great read! The book demystifies AI within innovation teams and sets guidelines for team leaders.
The advice is down to earth and hands on."

Masha Kubyshina, Founder/CEO of BlueWordAI

Your 1-page AI Strategy

AI Canvas

Get an copy you can edit
The AI Canvas is the foundation for your AI stategy. Use it to identify and document AI use cases. Available in Google Presentation and PDF formats.

Learn more about the AI canvas at
AI canvas

AI Recipes

"What can we do with AI?" is the top question our clients ask us. Prolego AI recipes are example applications designed to help you understand what AI can do for you.

Image enhancement for e-commerce

Generic placeholder image
Download the PDF report
For e-commerce product managers and executives. AI engineers see our technical notebook.

High-quality images are critical for online sales, particularly in non-commodity sectors like used vehicles, real estate, and food. Buyers rely on images to gauge quality or evaluate products.

In this Prolego AI recipe we demonstrate common techniques for improving perceived image quality and resolution using a fully convolutional neural network (CNNs) algorithm.

We test our automobile image enhancer on images for sale at a local dealership.

Leverage our decades of experience


Kevin Dewalt

20 years experience deploying innovative data solutions in telecom, financial services, intelligences. Stanford, US Coast Guard Academy, Palantir(In-Q-Tel), The Motley Fool, FINRA. Veteran of 5 startups.

Russ Rands

15 years experience deploying innovative data projects Fortune 1000 organizations. Past clients include Pfizer, Fidelity, ADP, Lowe's, CSC, and Southern Company. Veteran of 3 startups.

Meet the world's top AI talent


We identify the world's top technical and business experts for your projects.


Our technical experts have experience in domains like natural language processing, recommendation systems, or computer vision. Our team has business experience in every major sector: financial services, government, education, health care, intelligence and more.

Bill Jeffries

20 years of software & data experience, with expertise in recommenders, text mining, & deep learning.

Jesse Bishop, PhD

15 years of experience building econometrics prediction systems.

Darron Fuller

25 years of software & data experience at F500. Expertise in predictive & data mining methods.

Sheraz Shere

20 years product management, data science, and AI experience with F500.

Jevin Maltais

AI startup founder ( 10 years deploying innovative enterprise software.

Justin Pounders, PhD

10 years data engineering & data science instructional experience.

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You want to talk to Kevin and Russ about A.I. My first call with them was so valuable I would have paid for it.
Paul Stevens

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