Prolego's customized AI engineering services
will accelerate your goal of becoming an
AI-driven company.Don’t ask us “if” we can do it - ask us “how” we have already done it.



No more guesswork. We’ll give you an actionable plan for changing your business with AI.


Model Development

We’ll hit your business goals by building anything from simple recommendation engines to cutting-edge neural networks.


Data Engineering Infrastructure

Deploying AI systems is one of your biggest engineering challenges. We’ll get your models live and build you a world-class, scalable data pipeline.


AI Research

Want to leap 3 years ahead of your competitors? We’ll review the latest AI research and build customized solutions to solve your hardest business problems.



You’ll win more business after we get your sales and product teams AI-literate.

How to work with us

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Build your AI Strategy

You’re not Google—you don’t have billions to acquire AI companies and pursue every potential AI initiative. You need a plan to get budget and organizational buy-in for your first AI initiatives.

We suggest starting with 2-3 month strategic engagement where we identify AI use cases, analyze your data, build machine learning models, and recommend infrastructure and team changes. If your data isn’t readily available we will find or generate comparable data so you can see the impact of models.

We will eliminate your guesswork and confusion by showing you how machine learning will impact your business. Our past clients have used these engagements to:

  • Get executive alignment for a plan.
  • Reorganize their data science and software teams.
  • Change job descriptions.
  • Get budget.

Check out our book and the AI canvas - all based on our real-world experience helping people like you - and you will see how we work.

Deploy your machine learning models

You need a quick win—we know because every client tells us they need a quick win. But you also need to ensure that you’re laying the foundation for future success. We deliver both when we put your first machine learning models into production.

Over a 3-6 month engagement we help you build your data processing infrastructure, deploy your first models, and revise your engineering processes for continued success.

Here’s the reality: building machine learning models (yes, even Deep Learning) isn’t your biggest challenge. Your biggest challenges are infrastructure, team, and process. We will mitigate your execution risk by deploying a lower-risk, scalable infrastructure. We will help you update your software deployment processes to support AI. We’ll even train your team and help you recruit talent.

We are tool-agnostic and will leverage what you already have.

Beat competitors with AI breakthroughs

You can probably leverage proven machine learning models and techniques to achieve your business goals. But in some cases you may seek AI breakthroughs to race ahead of the competition.

Prolego can be your AI research partner. We have helped our clients pursue state-of-the-art opportunities in domains like computer vision, natural-language processing, and reinforcement learning.

These are high-risk, high-reward efforts and we will help you take systematic financial bets to explore the opportunity. We will survey the published research, analyze your data, and develop the machine learning models to test the viability based on historical data.

Get your entire company AI literate

Your data scientists understand AI … but do your software engineers? Your project managers? Your business development team—the people actually talking to customers—can they identify potential AI use cases?

We can develop custom AI workshops so your whole company becomes AI literate. Our clients have successfully used our workshops to train capture teams on pursuing AI opportunities.

Get Free Advice Over a Call

Just contact us to setup a quick call. We’ll ask about your current challenges and offer suggestions for getting started. You may not be ready for our help — and that’s ok, we’ll be here when you need us.

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