Selected Case Studies

Reorganize machine learning program at $7B automotive company

Executives hired Prolego to develop an AI strategy and create sales acceleration models. Prolego made specific infrastructure and team recommendations which were ultimately used to reorganize how the company uses AI in its products.

Computer vision models for a $1B opportunity real estate opportunity

CEO of a real estate software company hired Prolego to leverage AI for increasing profitability. Prolego developed classification and generative models which allowed the CEO to reposition the products to pursue a new identified a new $1B data services opportunity.

Data pipelines for first machine learning models at a $60B financial services company

One of the world’s largest financial services companies hired Prolego to acceleration AI deployments. Prolego built the companies first machine learning models and put them into production with data pipelines.

Reinforcement learning to automate workflow in a $600B industry

A large financial services company hired Prolego to research methods for using AI to automate its workflow. Prolego developed cutting edge reinforcement learning techniques and developed a pilot project based on them.

Business development team training at a $50B company

A large services company was looking for ways to add AI technology to its proposals. Prolego trained over 250 business development, sales, and product team members on AI capabilities which can help them win larger contracts.


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MIT Bootcamps: How to generate business opportunities with AI

A business presentation for product people and entrepreneurs who are new to AI. Learn AI basics such as machine learning and training data and how to identify business opportunities using the 4 product patterns.

Putting Machine Learning Models Into Production

Learn how to solve the #1 AI challenge: taking machine learning models from notebooks to production. In this 30-minute webinar you’ll learn why deploying machine learning models is challenging and some specific steps to ensure your success.

The Future of Work in the Era of AI

Kevin presents at Savannah’s annual tech festival, Geekend! Learn about the potential impact of AI on our economy and what we can start doing about it.

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Meet Us

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Meet Kevin at Geekend, Savannah, GA
April 26-27

Kevin will be speaking about The Future of Work in the Era of AI

Learn More
Meet Kevin at MIT Open Learning e-seminar.
April 11

Kevin will be speaking about discovering business opportunities in AI.

Meet Russ at Google Cloud Next, San Francisco, CA
April 9-11 Learn More
Meet Russ at NVIDIA GTC, San Jose, CA
March 18-19 Learn More
Meet Russ at The AI Summit in New York, NY
December 5-6 Learn More
Meet Kevin at Geekend in Savannah, GA
February 2-3

Kevin was part of a panel called AI & Machine Learning Demystified.

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Meet Kevin at The AI Summit in San Francisco, CA
September 27-28
Meet Kevin and Russ at NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in Washington, DC
November 1-2
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