We Wrote the First Practical AI Guide for Business Leaders

Everything you need to know to standup your AI practice:

  • Case studies
  • Budget templates
  • Team design
  • Job descriptions
  • Risk mitigation
  • Building internal advocates
  • Best courses & podcasts
  • … and more

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Our guidebook for CEOs, product people and Designed for the busy business leader who needs to begin introducing AI to the enterprise.

Your 1 -page AI Strategy

The AI Canvas is the foundation for your AI stategy. Use it to identify and document AI use cases. Available in Google Presentation and PDF formats.

AI Canvas
Opportunity Why do it?
Consumers Who needs it?
Strategy Why us?
Policy & Process What else must change?
Solution What is it?
Data What are the model inputs?
Transfer Learning How will we build it?
Success Criteria How will we know it works
Great read! The book demystifies AI within innovation teams and sets guidelines for team leaders. The advice is down to earth and hands on.
Masha Kubyshina
Founder/CEO of BlueWordAI