You Don’t Have to Be Google to Win with AI You Don’t Have to Be Google to Win with AI

Prolego brings practical AI solutions to the enterprise

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You are unsure how to use AI. don’t have people with AI experience are supporting legacy systems and complex data. have dirty data which is difficult to access. aren’t Google! You don’t have a $100 million budget to buy AI companies.

We We created Created Prolego to solve your problem - to help you accelerate
 AI adoption in your organization.

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Prolego is a boutique services company specializing in enterprise AI. We work with you to identify the best AI opportunities and deploy winning AI solutions.


Your people have pre-AI skills. A few will self-educate but most need a formal introduction to AI. Unfortunately 90% of AI “training” is terrible - either too theoretical or too general. We will teach your employees the same practical AI skills we use with our clients.

We’ll create customized AI training programs for your business and data. Your people will learn to identify and develop the best AI opportunities. Get in touch with us for more details about Prolego’s AI training.

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Struggling with your AI strategy? You’re not alone. Coming up with AI ideas is easy - identifying the best opportunities is hard.

Building an AI strategy require expertise in:

  • AI technologies like Deep Learning and Machine Learning.
  • Deploying software in large, complex, data organizations.
  • Creating business value with data models.

We have decades of experience in all 3 areas and will help you build a winning AI strategy.

We created the world’s first AI Canvas to help our clients create AI strategies. Contact us about building your AI strategy.

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AI Canvas
Opportunity Why do it?
Consumers Who needs it?
Strategy Why us?
Policy & Process What else must change?
Solution What is it?
Data What are the model inputs?
Transfer Learning How will we build it?
Success Criteria How will we know it works


We have the AI expertise to build your first pilot models and get them into production. We’ll help transition to your development teams or fill gaps with key hires. Contact us to learn about developing your AI solutions.

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We created a practical AI primer to help our clients create AI strategies.

We want to help you build your AI strategy. Get a copy today to understand what is possible for your organization.

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"There is a ton of hype and confusion about AI but the Prolego team is the real deal. They are more than AI experts - they demystify AI by helping business leaders understand the benefits and limitations of this new technology. The workshop they conducted at Cox was the most practical introduction we've encountered on the topic of AI. The training and subsequent follow-up formed the foundation of several of our teams' AI strategies."
Timothy Howe
Senior Director Corporate Strategy & Investments at Cox Enterprises
"The Prolego team saved us months (or years) of work. After helping us identify our best AI opportunities they developed preliminary models to estimate results, training data costs, and constraints. Our technical team now understands how we can use AI and we have a plan for taking it to the next level."
Damian Esparza
CEO Smart Property